At Mayblack, we do things a little different.

Mayblack is a luxury fashion brand based in Amsterdam. A young brand that embraces the ‘now’ in a stylish way. With striking designs, timeless fits and above all excellent production quality, Mayblack distinguishes itself from other brands. None of our collections are the same, just as no Mayblack customer is the same. The goal of Mayblack is not only to dress people, but also to inspire and to entertain. This makes Mayblack popular among artists, entertainers and artists all over the world.


The Mayblack collection consists of t-shirts, polo’s, hoodies, sweaters, denim jackets and short jackets. From basic logo-printed t-shirts and hoodies, to richly decorated and hand-crafted sweaters and jackets. The t-shirts are printed with gold, silver and copper foil of the highest quality. The sweaters are embroidered with a high-density yarn. The embroidery on the sweaters is immensely rich in detail. The denim jackets are hand-painted with paint splatters. The back of the jackets is lasered in a unique way. We can say for sure that those are the showpieces of the collection.


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