Performers: the story behind Anouar Ennali’s ‘Gelukszoeker’

Performers: the story behind Anouar Ennali’s ‘Gelukszoeker’

At Mayblack we put our heart and soul in everything that we do. It is needless to say that we support and admire the people who do the same. Meet Anouar Ennali: a young artist, actor and entrepreneur, whose mission is not only to entertain but also to inspire other people.

In the Summer of 2018, Anouar travelled to his native Morocco to record his new videoclip ‘Gelukszoeker’. A story about his father leaving his family behind to work and eventually find happiness in the Netherlands. The country Anouar was born in and calls a home now. This video was received very well in the artistic community as it was shown during the Arabic Film Festival. Also Anouar was named artist of the week by the popular radio station Fun X.

With this song he hopes to lift the negative stigma surrounding the immigrants. He tells his story in a very down-to-earth, human way without using any political or aggressive terms. A story we all can relate to, because if one thing we have in common as humans, it is the pursuit of happiness.

Watch the video ‘Gelukszoeker’ down below. And take an exclusive look at the behind the scenes images


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